They will come for everyone

His wife’s lawyer is a former employee of the prosecutor’s office, the judge is a former employee of the prosecutor’s office, I believe, two points that came together so that a resolution was issued on the arrest of the company’s property.
These rulings and decisions were later declared illegal by all instances of the court, but if during the peak of the crisis I could sell what I owned, at one price, then after a year’s judicial fray - at a different price. And if we consider that the situation in the market was not the most favorable, I couldn’t do business, interest on loans was dropping, then you can easily imagine how much things got worse.

The first searches began in July 2009. On far-fetched charges seized documents, money and office equipment. All the employees were called in to interrogations at a frequency of twice a week: “We’ll get you into business, we’ll get it.” I always responded very calmly to such a thing: “Plant for God's sake, if there is anything.”
It is clear that absolutely all businessmen walk along the brink, everyone uses loopholes, but I did not feel any sins behind me. A month later, a man comes to me, tells me in detail about my problems and suggests: “Let's leave the office and talk on the street. I know your problems and can solve them for six million. " - "Go to ***". - "Oh, how you got awkward." Yes, you just insulted our shoulder straps officer, officer honor. We will plant you. - “Forward!” In two months everything repeats. He comes and says: “Four”. - “But what about honor, conscience, epaulets?” - “We got excited”. - "But not me. Go to ***". During interrogations I am interested in the opera: “Something your friends ask for a lot”. And he laughs in response: "Well, we also have a boss." All seized was returned only six months later, after numerous complaints to the prosecutor's office. But the anger held up.

Taking advantage of my dispute with the tax inspectorate, these same employees nevertheless filed a criminal case on tax evasion against me. All tax decisions are recognized as illegal, but for some reason, despite this, the investigation continues. Of course, what will they say to their superiors? What six investigators for two years could not concoct at least some evidence?

When the investigator was running out of office, and the new “evidence” did not appear - in order not to lose control of the situation, on the last day they put me on the wanted list. Call me home and report it.
I wonder: what is the search? After all, I answer the first phone call, I go to work every day, I live on registration.

Nevertheless, they ask me to come to the investigator and do not guarantee that I will return.
I am writing an application, they say, here I am, and I am not hiding. Here the investigator comes running, rubs his hands and handcuffs me.
At home there is a wife with a five-month-old daughter, and I like a fool sitting in a cell with six drug dealers and one rapist. Gaining experience.

They take me from a prison to a court in a small cell - they push me into a space of 40 by 40 centimeters, which in itself is a violation of human rights. In this chamber - a real safe - holes are drilled through which you can breathe, and if you consider that the heat on the street is terrible, you can not breathe. In our just country so everywhere - they have not yet proved that they are guilty, they have not yet condemned, but have already humiliated.
At trial, as a measure of restraint, the investigator and the prosecutor requested arrest. What is the point of closing me up? I have two children I keep. “Will you pay for the lives of my family and my staff?” I ask the prosecutor. "And I did not force you to give birth," - they answer me. They always don't care.

Give them will-they would have transplanted the whole country, except for officials.
Two days later the judge released me in the courtroom. And the criminal case, which brought on me, is now sent for further investigation. The judge openly says that the case was brought illegally and there is no evidence, but at the same time, she for some reason asks me to understand her - they say, they practically do not pass acquittals. Practice such. Well, it is not accepted from them. Go figure it out yourself - you need to somehow understand in the bodies that there is no evidence, take this case and close it.

I win in the courts, but all this is very exhausting. Because along with the main proceedings there are several parallel ones.
For example, while all my property is essentially stuck, a police department arises on the horizon and chops off a piece of arrested land in Elmashe. And the ground is cut off so that the rails, on which the tower crane went, fall on the cut line. Half a hectare, as it turned out, it took administrations for good purposes - hostels of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate.

The goal may be a good one, but in fact these are frauds. Because under the Land Code, if you have a property on a land plot, you have a priority right to purchase this plot. Knowing that I would not go to court, because the arrest had not been removed from the land, they managed to get it for long-term use.
By the way, they work ineptly.

Who should you be to do nothing and receive a lot? An official and a policeman. Where to get easier? Where to take everyone in a row? To the police. Investigators, for example, say in court: "We have evidence that this person, being under a written undertaking not to leave, left for Cuba." I say, laughing: “Let my lawyer present a passport where the visa will stand, marks of the border guards. Do not believe this - request the data from the customs officers. ” It is so unprofessional to treat your business and your arguments only if they are absolutely sure that their word is the last. The judge then pleased me - really figured out in all circumstances. I even think that the judges themselves are adequate and competent, but they are also powerless when they call from above and are asked to roll in the term Pussy Riot or Khodorkovsky. There are not so many pathologically bad people - the system forges them.

The police are not interested in solving criminal cases - they are reluctant to work. If they actually steal something from you, you will get tired of asking for a criminal case. They will find a million reasons to refuse. But if there is someone who is interested in being intimidated, it will be done on completely absurd charges.
And the police are a well-organized business today. In July of this year, five police officers came to my office with an absolutely abstract decree, where it was written that, perhaps, a group of people was taking measures to legalize money on a large scale at this address.

Neither the name of the company, nor the names of the persons who are suspected, nor the names of those who suspect. With this piece of paper you can come to anyone.
The company at this time were three employees and security guards. When, after learning about it, my lawyer knocked on the company’s door, the investigator pushed him with force, so much so that he inflicted something called “injuries” to him. The lawyer immediately wrote a statement to the Investigation Committee, so that someone could figure out this situation. After checking the Investigative Committee, it turned out that my lawyer was not broken by valiant police officers, but by my guards, that is, the people he rushed to rescue and protect. What can I say - naturally, no one started up a case against himself.

The story has just begun. Investigators asked all the women who were in the office to open their handbags and safe. They reasonably replied that if it is an inspection, and not a search, then they will not discover anything, because in general it is rather humiliating when they delve into your personal belongings. “We need to examine you. If you don’t want a good one, we’ll detain you for resisting the police officers on duty. Here are our witnesses, they will confirm that you were scolding about us terribly, defending the need in the yard ... ”- and here are the witnesses who are the students of the law college.

No sooner said than done. My employees were taken to the police department.
I send them lawyers - nothing helps, and they spend the night in a detention center. They slept in a room three by three, with a toilet - a glass cabin opposite the men's cell, and, of course, the hungry, because administratively detained people do not feed us. In the morning they were taken to the court, where it turned out that during the arrest the protocols were incorrectly drawn up - the discrepancies between what the detainees wrote and what the investigators attributed were blatant. It turns out that they even can not properly execute documents. We have been waiting for two months for the police to carry out “work on the mistakes” so that the fact of the arrest can be tried to be considered illegal.

Sit innocent six months in prison do not want anyone. But then I made a principled decision for myself - I will not share with the cops, although I am tired of exhausting the enemy with order. The practice is typical - to come and pry. We arrived, made searches, arrested everyone and left to wait for money.
Rather, the fact that the businessman will crawl and he will offer a percentage. Business loans, rent, salaries, supplies are, and they are "being checked." You file in the courts, they drag on for a very long time: you carry the application to the district court, win it, but they appeal this decision and file it with the regional one, clinging to very formal indicators. And all this for the sake of a single phrase: “We are ready to return everything to you, only provide ten percent of what we have seized.”
Something like this was with “Tagansky near”.

After the Bolotnaya Square, the testimony of police officers is taken on faith, but the testimony of ordinary citizens is under no circumstances, because citizens are such: they always want to evade responsibility. It makes no sense for the police to slander - they are, by definition, fighters for truth and justice. For example, if a war veteran who raised seven children stops at his “penny” and quarrels with some overdue twenty-three-year-old depaean, all his appearance saying “I take bribes”, then the magistrate judge will definitely believe the depesa, because “he doesn’t make sense to lie And for the judge, all your “characteristics from the factory and the institute” against the testimony of a person from the authorities are just pieces of paper. And since the prosecutor's office, the court and the police are an exact tracing-paper of our state, the conclusion can be made unequivocal: for him, the citizens are just sheep that need to be cut.
And one day they can come for everyone.

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