We were not prepared for this world.

I closed on reality with a Churchill napkin and a BMW window - and I feel good. If all the time to drive in my head, as in our country and business, everything is bad, self-destruction will begin. Why do I need it? No need to worry about it, I think.

You like specific restaurants, like clubs, certain shops - go to them.
It is necessary to take the positive, and the fact that we have uneducated Tajiks full city or impudent drivers is not worth the nerves.
Live as you want, and think less.

Our parents did not prepare for this world. I came out into a big life just when Russian capitalism hit in the country. He started to learn - the money was Soviet, finished - in the courtyard the restructuring, and the money became like an idea completely different - as if there was a real need. And as the one who traded used to earn money, my friends and I went the same way. They bought vodka from friends in the store and sold it on the market at the weekend. What we earned on Sunday was enough for us to live a week.

Business in Russian: sell vodka, drink money - that's how we lived, until my parents started advancing me: they sawed the country apart, and here you are sitting selling vodka and banchete penny cassettes. All hands in the legs and ran.
At that time there were not many people who were aware of what was happening. I remember how in the House of Officers, where huge queues formed in the window of Gazprom, I put my table with Gazneft shares. Once I convinced a woman, apparently a secretary of a certain boss, to exchange a thick bundle of vouchers for my shares, believing that “gas is pishik and oil will always be in price”.

The next day, a non-Russian uncle in a leather long raincoat comes to me and with him are two healthy bulls with broken noses. This woman is hiding behind their backs and pointing at me with a finger. Then my uncle explained very calmly to me that they needed to issue a refund: “It will be better for both tebe and me.
What you bargain for will not be anything, and Gazprom will be ten times more expensive. Draw conclusions: these words are a gift to you. ”

And left. We then sat with the guys, giggled, they say, from where this non-Russian may know something. But everything happened exactly as he said.
In the 90s it was possible to become a millionaire overnight, and you could just go in the wrong door and stay naked. This is all I experienced. Now, in one moment, not to get rich - only if you marry the daughters of those first merchants. And then we ourselves did not understand what we were doing. They did not understand what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is not. While people were rushing around with their eyes on a voucher, we made the first serious capital on vouchers in a month.

People began to rise around: one has an expensive car, another has its own shop. When I saw this, I sat down in the yard and finally decided to drink beer. We rushed around the city and "solved the case." They built pavilions, kiosks and leased them, sold vodka to rabid Uralmash workers. It seems to be that it brought money - in those days it was $ 1,000 a day, and I had the most sophisticated car - the “99th” with an electric hatch — only the founding fathers of Uralmash could afford it. But I wanted something else - this business, in which I had to rush all the time, I outgrew.

We did not invent a bicycle - if we saw that it works for some, why won't it work for us? So, once I went to buy a beer bike at the kiosk and stood for an hour, dropping the snatches and looking fascinated at how the sevens were spinning. And around me there were crowds of people and also threw. I then thought: I have so many different pavilions - what am I waiting for? Two days later, I found and put the machines, which theoretically could be paid off in four days. As a result, I made all my pavilions with slot machines, traveled all over Uralmash and agreed with everyone I could with permission to put these boxes.

I remember how my assistants went to the metro in the morning, exchanged paper money for pennies, fell asleep in automatic machines, in the evening - on the contrary. Cans, buckets of money were spinning here and there. The first six months the exhaust was crazy. In the same way, by chance, I witnessed how in a game hall a man spent ten thousand dollars in a night. I understand - this is a topic. He caught fire - opened the halls. I saw with my own eyes how the guys from the lower classes in the months have risen on this uncomplicated business, - I also rose.

I will not say that I had money that would allow me to feel the sovereign of the world, as if I was the king, and around the crowd of servants he asked: "Master, give." But the money was.
We have no culture of attitude towards money at all - in one civilized country a millionaire does not become overnight. How to make money and how to spend it, no one teaches us. In our country yesterday a beggar, today is rich, but still hungry, therefore he wants everything at once. I myself began to "accelerate" quietly - they say, it is a public catering, it smells bad here, here some kind of folk is not like that.

How money changes a person is easiest to see by girls. Yesterday she was nobody, and today she found a rich dad, he gave her a car and a lot of money - that's all, she no longer sees anyone around him. He does not consider anyone equal.
A month ago she ran in torn pantyhose in Uralmash, and now she is the queen of Tikhvin. It's funny, especially when she is 23 years old, but all the people for her are already a “people”.

Those human tragedies that many of us saw in the 90s are partly explained by the fact that we have taken the first steps in this new order, not having digested all the truths that the Soviet family and the Soviet school gives.
My little parents were dragging me around the theater all the time, stuffing me in the philharmonic society ...
In early childhood I read almost all the books from my mother's huge library — such that non-adults do not read: all of Tolstoy, Pushkin, Moliere. He took everything that is more or less understood. All these book ideals have been shattered. And very soon.

For example, in my youth I thought that I would have a woman - one and for the rest of my life: I would meet her, fall in love and get married, and we will die in one day.
I had to quickly understand that everything was completely wrong. I like the girl and she likes me, but she marries a guy from a wealthy family, someone who has an apartment and a car at least. The number of women is always proportional to the amount of money - it is a very accurate indicator. The world is material, each person will always look around and choose with whom it is better, with whom it is more comfortable, who is more beautiful, who is richer.

Man, it turns out, is far from animals; he is ruled by passion and hormones, but not by reason.
We were taught in fairy tales, and we piously believed that good triumphs over evil, the bad guys always lose, justice triumphs.

Life has put everything in its place. Always defeats evil. Sly always deceive the good. Evil and cunning of the good in general will not leave a trace. And all the villains live well after that. Twenty years ago, the inside protested against this injustice, but now it does not. Good buried. I accepted and live with this sediment from the global contradiction between the real and the ideal.

It is impossible for a child to instill that on the street is the same greenhouse as the one in which he lives at home.
All our parents think only of how to arrange children in a closed school, bring them to an uneasy circle, and enroll for individual courses. He wants to communicate with children in a normal courtyard - let him communicate, he will be smarter.
I will never forbid my son to watch movies where they kill or there is violence - let him know that this happens in life. He will still come to this. For life in a world that we have, you need to cook. If a guy in 20 years old comes out of your father's and mom's cap, he will go crazy. It is useful for him to know that in the world there are not only butterflies, but there is also dirty money, there is corruption, there is deception and betrayal. This is our life.

It is much more difficult for a person to fall to the bottom from a full life than to rise from hunger. If as a child he can pump all the negative through himself, then he will be already vaccinated to this life. As for each girl, they say: “Yes, with your data, yes, you are clever, but you are a queen-excellent student, you will learn, and you will all be needed at once.”
And she leaves the institute, and wherever she comes, she is not paid more than 15 thousand anywhere. And in her dreams half a bag for the money not to buy. This is where the “lost illusions” begin.

"All life is open before you" - not a fig.
In our country in general, the people have a bad reality. Everyone is still waiting for the happiness that falls on them from heaven, everyone believes in fairy tales, miracles of some kind people, wizards with wands. Believe on your health, but keep in mind that there is enough evil. If you yourself do not adapt to this life, if you don’t take it yourself, you will have nothing.
For three years my son was retreating to a regular school on Vtorchermet - I saw that he was growing up with a puncheon; he could easily screw up strong words.

So what? As a dad, I did not forbid him to meet in the yard with those whom he wanted - boys of any wealth and any upbringing.
Because this is real life - I want my son to understand both the hierarchy, and the bundle, and what the one who has the power always gets is fists, money, rich dads. Even on the playground it can be understood.

The hardest part was giving me the parting with the illusion that I needed someone other than myself. I do not want the children to cry from the same disappointment. They know from childhood that we are all against all. Absolute goodness and the fact that a person goes to the rescue to a person helps his neighbor - there is nothing of that. Everyone looks at each other only with the thought "who of you should gobble up" and "on whose heads go up." The world is not so good as we drew it in the family and school. In fact, everyone quietly hates each other. Someone else's mistakes rejoice much more than other people's victories and successes. Where we should be happy, our people are jealous.
The moral code of business is also nonsense.

I am not sure that it is developed even for businessmen to communicate with each other, but it’s true that people see food for sure. The main value is profit. Of course, we are changing: before there was a headache, now in its place is cunning. Thank God for leaving the level when everything was clearly divided into black and white. Now no one will roll into the concrete of a top manager who has worked for you, learned everything and dumped it by opening a "competing organization." Such problem-solving methods are a typical, but ugly, product of that time, fortunately, a thing of the past.

Of course, we are moving in a civilized direction - if I haven’t paid someone, they don’t call me and don’t say: “Now the guys will come to you to understand. Wait. They say: "We will sue you." A step in civilization has been made, compared to the 90s, we are doing quite well, but in relation to the norm, this is heaven and earth.

I was fully aware that business was flawed. I, too, can admit to myself — from the very beginning I was drawn into a circle of dubious business: I started with vouchers, finished with vodka and a casino. Then nobody fully understood who deceived whom and how: today, you, tomorrow, you, today it will burn one, and tomorrow it will burn itself. Indeed, at that time no one knew all the connections: formally this is allowed, which means it is allowed. It is also vicious to sell cigarettes, but the state is trading. We are driven into this circle - no one in our country will give you a decent job to do here. In the same Czech Republic, the same Chinese are allowed to do what they want: pay the tax and do it. We do not have.

In our country, the state provokes to be criminals: everything that has more or less swung and started to bring some money will be immediately accepted by the state - it will never allow anyone to develop. This, if you will, is legalized genocide, so that there are as few rich people as possible. I used to foolishly want someone to prove how cool I am, the king of the universe: I can, I want, I will. Now I do not need this. I want to live quietly and comfortably so that nobody touches me. Napoleonic plans are no more. I sobered up.

To give up everything and go as a village teacher — I have no such compassion for the neighbor. God gave you children - take care of children, make them, parents and colleagues good, but to think about the global and eternal is empty. You will not feed all the hungry and suffering. You are responsible for yourself and the one who is near and depends on you. This is quite a normal goal. The forces remained, the resources remained - building orphanages, but start from your own world. If everyone does this, there will be no problems. I live and do my minimum. Not one of my employees got up and said, slamming the door: “For that kind of money I will find another gentleman.” No wife ran to court. Parents are happy.

In our city there was a club project where only businessmen would go, only people of a certain circle: people who knew and respected each other, in which case they could support their own. But all this has failed, because we have no “community” of businessmen.
Drunk in the "James" is going to the whole get-together, but at six in the morning all Freemasonry goes home. Perhaps, of course, there are secret business clubs, a union of souls and wallets, where the bitter fate of homeland and entrepreneurship is discussed. But I was not invited there.

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