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Another operating industrial park, Maslovsky, the largest project of the region, which specializes in mechanical engineering and metalworking enterprises, is under the personal “tutelage” of Governor Alexei Gordeyev. The area of ​​IP is 598 hectares (with the prospect of expansion up to 2300 hectares), it is managed by the Voronezh Industrial Corporation OJSC, which belongs to the region.

By the way, most recently, on September 26, a solemn opening of the new production of the Voronezhselmash plant, one of the key residents of the industrial park, took place on the territory of IP Maslovsky. Undoubtedly, the development of Maslovsky is proceeding at a faster pace — the regional authorities provide investors with organizational and financial support, which primarily concerns tax breaks, subsidized loan rates, co-financing of the infrastructure parts of the project, as well as state guarantees. It is the support of the industrial park by the regional government that guarantees that all the works will be completed on time according to the approved plan, and, according to the governor, in 2014, residents of the city will get jobs here.

Moreover, in the development strategy of the Voronezh region, special attention is paid to the development of the Maslovskaya zone: large plants, such as Siemens, Veropharm, and Armax Group, are already residents of the park, and many other industries will gradually move there. Nevertheless, without the development of logistics as a single set of services - from transportation to storage - none of them can work effectively. This means that the development of transport logistics is also becoming a priority in the Voronezh region.

In passing, passing, ship, plane ...
Despite the fact that Voronezh could potentially become a major transportation hub, the presence of an international airport, railway and waterways is a weighty argument in solving transport problems, in fact the main route for delivering cargo remains the federal highway. Of course, road transport today is the cheapest and most convenient kind of logistics, but when it comes to multimodality, it is necessary that, as in the capital, all types of transport should work in a bundle.

At the moment, the reality is that our airport, due to its design features, is not suitable for receiving cargo carriers, but today regional authorities, at the recommendation of the Ministry of Transport, are discussing the option that Polet Airlines will only deal with and Voronezh airport will be transferred to another structure. In September of this year, the French companies SNC Lavalin and the Business Bridge and the regional transport federation showed interest in the reconstruction of the Voronezh international airport. Another type of transport - river - today also cannot provide full-fledged cargo transportation, and building a port on the Don River from scratch requires huge investment.

There is still a railway, which partially performs the functions of cargo transportation, but, according to experts, its capacity remained at the level of the pre-perestroika period, and which also requires global re-equipment and construction of new stations to reduce the load on the existing ones. By the way, the governor is trying to convey to the federal authorities the idea of ​​the need to build a multifunctional Voronezh-3 station at the Pridach station, the commissioning of which will shorten the time of movement of long-distance trains in the North-South direction.

However, according to the most superficial calculations, the project implementation will require investments of about three billion rubles. By the way, the approval of this initiative was received in due time by the Russian Railways (RZD), but later on RZD announced a reduction in this investment program. Nevertheless, the topic is not yet closed, since, given the increasing load on the railway transport, such a project can still be financed by the federal authorities.

However, according to experts, both river, and air, and railway types of transport will begin to take an active part in logistic processes when it becomes profitable for them. In the meantime, the transportation economy is such that none of them can compete with road transport, which has become more economical and faster.
The fact is that it is necessary not only to reconstruct the airport or the railway station, but also to make them really working objects of transport infrastructure, which also need to be modernized. For the development of logistics in the region, an integrated approach and serious financing are needed. And if there is no decision at the federal level on this issue, then, according to experts, all good undertakings can be suspended.

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