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The end of the year is always associated with a summary. Any self-respecting publication and no less self-respecting author column try to throw out in the face of the reader a list of something outstanding over the past 365 days or a picture of the outgoing year. The main problem faced by summing up enthusiasts is which criterion to choose.

If you make a list or hit parade of something, then the situation is simple - you know the object of study. In the case of a picture, everything is more complicated: it is necessary to unfold the world under investigation at a certain angle, and so to describe it in as much detail and believable as possible.

With regard to Internet life, it is even more difficult to draw a picture, since the volume of information studied is very large: these are news lines and social networks. The best way to summarize the year on Twitter is with the help of hashtags.
The main event hashtags of the Ivanovo Twitter segment are # Ivanovo and #Ivanovo. This is the zone within which you can search for themes and trends of the year - your own, your own, unique ones.

The main hashtags of the year in Ivanovo were somehow connected with the case of beating a traffic police officer.
# Feroyan, # stopklanferoyan, # MamoFeroyan and other variations of the name of this topic were present on the Twitter open spaces throughout the second half of the year.
An important hashtag was a #bog work, associated with the name of Ivanovsky person involved Dmitry Rukavishnikov.
Mainly, this tag was used at the beginning of the criminal prosecution of Rukavishnikov, but by the end of the year the name became a media one in itself and did not need any accompanying hashtags.
The main topics of legal politics were related to the word # elections.

Surprisingly, the elections to the regional Duma on the hashtag popularity almost gave way to the March by-election to Ivgordum. It is possible that Moscow’s observers from the SONAR movement, who provided media promotion at the All-Russian level to the ordinary by-elections, added oil here.
The elections to the regional Duma were somehow held under the sign of the hashtag # feroyan.
The second remembered tag-last name was # Avtoneyev. A lot of scandals were associated with the Communist candidate, and the name itself began to be pronounced as a common noun.

The undoubted hit, though short-term, was the hashtag # Relay of the Fire.
For the first time in history, the Olympic flame visited the land of Ivanovo in October.
For two days he traveled first along Ivanov, and then along Ples.
Another sports hashtag was # Kineshma.
This is due to the victory of the native and patriot Kineshma Sergey Mudrov at the World Universiade in Kazan. He showed a “grandmaster” result - 2.31 meters and, in an attempt to beat the nearest pursuer.
Stability has traditionally been a popular hashtag in Ivanovo.

As a rule, this word is used with irony - when an event occurs in the area “we wanted the best, it turned out as always.” Thus, Ivanovites had to turn to # stability when in April on ul. Kukonkov partially collapsed wall of a residential building. And in October, # stability had to be called when salary receipts of kindergarten workers were published on the Internet — so low that I wanted to cry.

By the way, at the end of the year, the hashtag # 6 budget was increasingly used. There is not enough money for the oblast or the regional center, so thinking about how to make ends meet and leave a stash is tormenting the minds of the authorities.
In addition, on Ivanovo twitter they were honored with their own hashtags and many other, at first glance, imperceptible or common words. One of them is # 6al. In Ivanovo, holding antique-styled balls is gaining in popularity. They are conducted both under the auspices of the city authorities, and on the initiative of universities.

The hashtag #bookcrossing has attracted attention. The action of the circulation of books in the city began just this year.
Traditionally, among the hashtags were #ivHealth (about health issues) and #ivavto (about cars, roads and traffic jams). But popular in the past # YvYama and # IvLuzha for some reason lost their former significance.
Speaking about the phenomena that for some reason were left without their hashtag, we can recall the resignation of Mikhail I from the post of governor, although this event was one of the main, if not the most important, in the Ivanovo region in a year.
Thus, the year in Ivanovo Twitter passed, first of all, under the signs of politics and sports.

However, it is worth noting that the hashtag filter sometimes misses events claiming to be a pearl. And this is another example of the fact that any picture is a reflection of the world, but never fully reflects it, even if we are talking about a particular segment of interest.

P.S. 2013 in the “Blogosphere” passed under the sign of Twitter, although we tried to review other platforms. Now, after the departure of Mikhail Me, there is an opinion that Twitter in the Ivanovo region will, if not slowly die, then certainly lose popularity. At least, officials have become less active in Twi. Of course, these rumors are not justified, because it is Twitter that is a reliable link between the Ivanovo blogosphere.

Nevertheless, the peak of its development, probably, has already passed. Therefore, 2014 will be devoted to the platform, which, on the contrary, is predicted by rapid development in the regional segment of the Internet - Facebook. It combines the possibilities of quick online communication and analytics. We will not throw other platforms, but there is a feeling that in the 2014th the high point will come precisely for Ivanovo Facebook.

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