Long way to Russia

In January, Reima, a Finnish manufacturer of children's clothing, opened its first single-brand store in Russia.
It was decided to start from St. Petersburg by placing a branded boutique in one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers “MEGA Dybenko”, where the leaders of Russian and foreign companies selling among others the leading brands of children's assortment are represented. Why is the Finnish company just now taking the decisive step and what are the prospects in general?

“Reima has been present on the Russian market for a long time and cooperates both with large federal networks and with various individual partners. However, over the course of several years, we also planned to open our own mono-brand boutique, because we wanted to present our customers with the widest range of clothes, shoes and accessories from the Reima brand, ”Elena Barsukova, CEO of Reima Russia, explains the company's strategy. In the homeland of the Finnish brand, there are its mono-brand stores, they enjoy unchanged popularity, including among Russians who come to Finland. Seeing the growing interest, the company management decided to open the first boutique in the neighboring country and began negotiations with various retail chains.

In the end, the choice was stopped at the family entertainment centers "MEGA". According to Elena Barsukova, the first store was not accidentally opened in St. Petersburg "MEGA Dybenko" - there is a suitable retail space, and a large number of buyers familiar with the brand who love Reima.
First of all, the company is counting on the loyalty of these particular customers.

“The opened store has the widest range, competitive prices and quality service are provided,” says the head of Reima Russia. Before the opening of the first single-brand boutique in Russia, a lot of work was done, including the company's partners and distributors. “We have been representing the brand for more than ten years, starting literally with a few caps. Creating a range, we tried to offer the best for the Russian buyer, so we ourselves came to the company with an offer to sell their products. We entered into a contract, and a fairly successful collaboration started. Our company is the official distributor of the brand in the North-West. All stores were initially focused on Reima, and now the design, including external signs and interior design, speaks about the priority of this manufacturer. When we first started, a large advertising campaign was carried out: brightly decorated buses and trolleybuses drove around the city, active Internet promotion was connected, and promotions were held. Now the brand is already well-known in St. Petersburg, ”says Larisa Bunyak, sales director of Nika LLC.

In her opinion, Reima opened her official store on prepared ground, when it was no longer necessary to expend large efforts to promote the brand, Nika made all the investments in it. “Previous years, this brand was for us the main one, despite the fact that we trade in others as well: it corresponded to the needs of our customer, suited for quality, properties, and climate. Reima has a main principle - multi-layeredness.

Our weather is changeable, and children need to have either several different overalls to change depending on the weather, or one universal one for all cases, as Finnish manufacturers offer, ”explains the choice of business partner Larisa Bunyak.
Reima products have gained popularity in many countries, and today the company is considered one of the best manufacturers of children's and sportswear in Europe.

Design and technology are developed in Finland, manufacturing is carried out in the Baltic countries, as well as in Southeast Asia. As Elena Barsukova explains, the Northern Capital will become only a launching pad.
“When planning to open mono-brand stores in Russia, Reima found the presence in Moscow and St. Petersburg important,” she says. “Although the development of Moscow is planned secondarily, this is only an ordinal value, both cities are equally important for us.

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