150 years of bringing Russia into motion!

2013 became for OJSC Kolomna Plant rich in positive events. This year, one of the largest machine-building plants in Russia celebrated a half-century anniversary, and once again confirmed the high level of skill of the working team.

The significance of the Kolomna plant both for Kolomna and for Russia is difficult to overestimate. For many years, the enterprise has been the largest Kolomna employer, dozens of labor dynasties have been formed at the plant. Thanks to the work of the professional factory team, the movement of the Russian railways does not stop, and other strategic sectors for the country are developing.

Course on records

In 2013, Kolomzavod managed to make a record breakthrough for the company in the field of locomotive engineering. Employees of the plant manufactured 50 EP2K passenger electric locomotives and 43 passenger diesel locomotives with power supply for TEP70BS train wagons. This significantly exceeds the level of locomotive production achieved in the Soviet period. For comparison, in 1986, 80 sections were manufactured at the Kolomna Plant.

A real event for Kolomna and its inhabitants was the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the company. But this celebration was not the only one for the plant in 2013. The 110th anniversary marked one of the main production areas - diesel engine manufacturing.

In the jubilee year, diesel engine builders demonstrated serious results, especially on new technology. In 2013, power-generating unit No. 4 of the Beloyarsk NPP was used to install diesel generator sets of the emergency power supply system with a capacity of 3,200 kW and 4,000 kW delivered under the 2012 contract. Currently, Kolomna Plant is the only manufacturer in Russia of backup diesel generator sets with a capacity of more than 1 MW for NPPs. Thus, a new supplier of backup diesel generator sets appeared on the world market in the nuclear power segment.

In the name of the Russian "defense"

In 2013, work on the state defense order was actively carried out at Kolomzavod. The Interdepartmental tests of the power unit 5DRA for the special purpose ship of the project 18280 and the diesel reverse gear unit for the landing ship of the project 11711 were successfully completed. The units were recommended for serial production. Work began in a completely new direction - the creation of a special installation for a new Russian nuclear submarine of the Borey class.

Since 2011, the Kolomna Plant has been participating in the implementation of the Federal Target Program “National Technological Base” on the topic “Creating and organizing production in the Russian Federation in 2011-2015. diesel engines and their components of the new generation. " The company is working on the creation of a multi-purpose diesel engine with a capacity of up to 10,000 liters. with. for strategic sectors: Russian Railways, the Navy, and nuclear energy. In 2014, a prototype of a new diesel engine should be manufactured. The results of this work will determine the future of the enterprise for many years to come.

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